House MD season 6 episode 1: Watch House MD season 6 Premiere Promo

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New House M.D. season 6 video preview - FOX released and shared one of the first House season 6 promo with the tagline "What happens when the doctor becomes the patient?". Are you excited for the new season of House M.D.? Well, I am too. I'm really eager to watch House season 6 episode 1. Let us know more about this new promo of House M.D. season 6 below.

house md season 6

House season 6 episode 1 will start where the previous season finale left off, with House's delusion coming to a serious level. Driven by Wilson, House voluntarily admits himself to Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital. In the new promo video of House season 6, we can see House is wandering, sleeping restlessly, and struggling while being escorted back to the building.

The House season 6 premiere or House season 6 episode 1 will premiere on September 21, 2009. Mark it on calendar as early as now guys, so you won't miss House season 6 premiere. For sure, this new season will be another exciting drama series to watch. Below is the Promo Video of House season 6.

Watch House season 6 Preview Video

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Dragonblogger @ September 5, 2009 at 8:48 PM

Very much looking forward to House this Season, it was a very unique 5th Season, wonder how House will fare in rehab.

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