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One of the reasons why I like Firefox is these simple shortcuts:

Middle Click on link will open a link in a new tab
Ctrl T will open a new emptytab
Ctrl W will close the current tab
Ctrl shift T will reopen closed tab
Ctrl Page Down and Ctrl Page Up will scroll through the tabs
Ctrl Number will bring you automatically to a certain tab. The first tab being the number 1 tab ofcourse, pressing Ctrl 3 for example will bring you to the 3rd open tab

Ctrl R reload the page
Ctrl + will zoom in the Web pages in the window
Ctrl - will zoom out the Web pages in the window
Ctrl L will move the cursor to the address bar
Ctrl K will move the cursor to the search box

Space Bar will scroll down the page
Shift Space Bar will scroll up the page

Ctrl D will bookmark the current tab
Ctrl Shift D will bookmark all the tabs in the window

Also in Firefox3 you can bookmark the page if you click on the star icon in the address bar, and clicking on the site favicon/icon in the address bar will give you an overview of the site identity.

This is just one of many reason why I like Firefox much, it makes my web browsing much easy.

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Firefox Simple Shortcuts

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Click A Life Coach @ September 3, 2008 at 8:44 PM

Thanks for the tips, they come in very handy as I just started to use Firefox more. It seems to like Entrecard more than IE.

Weird eBay @ September 6, 2008 at 12:18 AM

I've actually used FireFox for a long time and didn't know a bunch on these. Thanks for posting them.

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