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Thursday, August 14, 2008 / Comments (1) / by kumander / PERMALINK

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Finally, i got these pagepeelads working, wheew. Got the script and some other cool prizez from winning the 2nd prize in a blog contest two weeks ago,funny thing is, I've joined that contest a day before the last submission of entry, and it's my first time of joining a blog contest.. how lucky me :),.

Bout this page peel ads or
corner peel script, after i've claimed and read all the procedure on how to install this peelads, i still wans'nt able to get it to work on my blogs, well i dont have problem understanding the code or script, which ever suit to call that, i just had the trouble hosting the script from the free hosting site that i signed with. But then after doing some googling and reading, i finally figured out some how to's on this matter, and making a daily rounds of dropping EC through Entrecard helps too, you'll find some interesting article while doing the drop, on my part, i got to read some tutorials regarding hosting, where and how, things like that. Now the pagepeelads installed on my blogs, it's at the top right corner of this blog. Maybe some will ask what would be the use of that, well for now, dont know either, but they say it has a high CTR (click through rate) for ads. I'm using it now just for advisement of my other blog. Also learned this week some how to's on modifying my blogger template, have change some part of the template of my Multiply themes blog, added some columns , put a tabbed sidebar navigation and add a comment form beneath the blog post on my 3 blogspot, learned all that from, thank you :). Am just new here at blogging, started first week of July and still learning anything for my blog development. So that's it for now for my online journal, it's 3am now, need to get some sleep :)

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