Drink and Smoke

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drink and smoke, smokers
Have you notice the smoky ambience when you go to a bar and why bar owners allow it? There's a reason why bar owners don't mind their places being so smoky.

According to an article from a health magazine, it takes more alcohol to get drunk when you're inhaling cigarette smoke than when you aren't. Nicotine extends the amount of time alcohol stays in the stomachs, delaying its metabolism into the bloodstream.

Dont light up yet, though. Since smokers can drink more, they're also more likely to develop liver and heart problems than people who drink but don't smoke.
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Google is now updating pagerank

Friday, September 26, 2008 / Comments (9) / by kumander / PERMALINK

Wow, Google is now updating pagerank. My three blogs which is all two and a half month old finally got a pagerank, this blog and my other blog got a PR3 and my another blog got a PR2.

At first i didn't yet notice on my status bar (i'm using searchstatus) that my blogs has been already updated with its new PR, because i have modified my status bar not to show icons when it is not being mouse-over, then i remember reading last night the post blog on matt cutts blog (the post was dated September 24, 2008), one commenter there asked if there is a new PR updating, and this is matt cutts reply:

I wouldn’t be surprised if new PageRanks started showing up this weekend or so.

So i looked on to my status bar and saw a PR3 on my blog, checked my other blogs and yes all of them has a new PR. To completely confirm it, I ckecked their pagerank on prchecker.info. It is really true, all of my three new blogs finally got their PR, from PR0 to PR3 and the other one from PR0 to PR2

This is great, with in just two and a half month time all my new three blogs got its pagerank.

How about yours, has it been already updated?

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Recovered From Fever

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 / Comments (2) / by kumander / PERMALINK

I have slightly recovered from fever, I don’t like the feeling of being sick. Thankfully after getting enough rest and some doses of medicine, I’m feeling quite okay.

For the past 4 days I had a fever as high as 39° Celsius, my son also had a fever 3 days before me. He's fine now and he seems a lot better today but still we both have a slight cough.

Hopefully we'll fully recover from this illness fast and see my son back to his normal mood and routine.

Thanks to my wife and my mom for taking good care of us.
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Ragnarok Online Mercenary System: Ragnarok Mercenary Guide

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The Mercenary is similar to homunculus, but unlike the homunculus, mercenary cannot be feed. Mercenary are useful for leveling, they can only be hired for 30 minutes then you'll need to summon another scroll.

How to have your own mercenary: You'll just have to buy mercenary scroll from any of the mercenary guilds in in Prontera, Payon or Izlude.

Types of mercenary:

Spearman Mercenary Guild
Archer Mercenary Guild
Mercenary Guild

Interface: (source:irowiki)

The following are keys used to control mercenaries.

Enemy Targeting - Alt + Left Click (on monster)
Left clicking once will cause the mercenary to queue up the monster. Left click again and the mercenary will immediately switch targets.

Moving - Alt + Left Click (on ground)
Alt and Left Clicking on the ground will cause the mercenary to stop everything and move to the target cell.

Standby - Ctrl + T
In standby the mercenary will stop everything and wait for orders at the master's side.

Information - Ctrl + R
Opens the mercenary status window.

You can also see complete list of Ragnarok Mercenary Skills at DoddleRo here, and some demo video on how mercenary works here.

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Internet explorer cannot open the internet-site operation aborted error

Friday, September 19, 2008 / Comments (3) / by kumander / PERMALINK

Yesterday, a couple of IE users told me that they are having trouble viewing my blog on internet exploder, so i went to check my blog on IE using the IE tab (firefox extention), i have IE6 on my computer by the way. when I looked my blog on IE it shows a pop up message internet explorer cannot open the internet-site operation aborted error, so my initial reaction was what the heck is this, i clicked the ok button on the pop-up box and then the page is completely replaced with "Page cannot be displayed."

I google for the fix to the problem and found other site having the same issue, to make the story short, i've found some post with different tutorials on how to fix the internet exploder problem, some of that was not the direct solution to mine but this post How to Fix “Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site- Operation Aborted” gave me an idea. I checked my code for scripts and found the feedburner tracking script was causing it, first i added a defer="defer" attribute in the script and check if it is ok now, yes the pop up message gone finally, but when i reload the page its still there, what i did to completely fix it was take off the code.. and now its not poppin up.

Hope my IE users visitors will not again encounter this when they visits my blog.

Still one more to fix,now the blog template is now disalign on IE. have to fix that later, cause this internet exploder issue gave me a headache and now i'm not feeling well.. :(

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Autoplaying audio, ground for your Entrecard account deletion

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entrecard blog logo
There is a new post at entrecard blog today about Quality Standards for Entrecard, if you haven't visited entrecard blog or haven't read it in your email, you may want to check it out.

Included in the updated rules, autoplaying audio is now prohibited and your account will be automatically deleted without warning if found that your blog has autoplaying audio.

Also on the updated rules, "Entrecard widget must be present". So good luck for those who continually dropping their card even they do not have the entre widget on their blog.

Another thing, if you are using Firefox you may want to check your entrecard widget if it is working on IE, because sometimes the entre widget dont show on IE if you have put object/code on top of it. That happens to me before and never knew it until some IE users told me that they cannot see my entrecard widget. This could be bad for you if someone (IE user) report you that they are not seeing the entre widget.

Check the Announcement on the Entrecard Blog: Updated Quality Standards for Entrecard

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Ever wonder why subjects in many old photos are not smiling?

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When i was a child, i always felt scared everytime i would lay my eyes on old portraits of our family ancestors. It's usually all over the place, corridors, staircases, living room, name it. Its freakin the hell out of me.

Why ? Well, aside from the formal and elegant dresses that they are wearing, you will never see a trace of smile in their faces,looks to me that they're serious in all those portriats.

Whenever i look at them I always thought that they are angry or something, and if i am to compare that fear, its safe to say that its close to having a heart attack. :) but that was back then, when i had no idea behind those serious faces.

Here are two reasons from readers digest that explained it well.

When you look at the old photos, there is never anyone smiling for two reasons, according to the article.

In the early days of photography, there existed a tradition of formality handed down from portrait painting in which posing for a photograph was considered a solemn occasion.

The other reason is that prior to 1880's, photograph required long exposures, so depending on the process it could involve 20 minutes or more. This necessitated the subject remaining still, and an extended period was difficult, it was discouraged.

So there, being serious in all thier pictures doesn't really mean they are serious, its the technology back in the days thats keeping them from smiling. But lets not tell the kids these days the reason behind it,it'll spoil all the fun, let them be scared for once in their life, after all we've been scared like freaks before right? So let them be!! :)

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Facts To Heart

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A stroke occurs when there is a bleeding in your brain or the normal blood flow to your brain is blocked. Brain cells start dying within minutes of being deprived of essentials nutrients. This is a proccess that may continue over the next several hours.

The longer a stroke goes untreated, the greater the damage and a possible disability. The success of treatment may depend on how soon you receive care.

Here are some risk factors for stroke

Highblood pressure
History of heart disease
Having had a previous stroke

The risk increases as you age.

People having an attack may have problems understanding speech, but stroke doesn't usually cause hearing loss. They also may have trouble saying what they are thinking. This is a medical condition called aphasia that affects the ability to talk, listen, read and write.

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Christmas time once again

Friday, September 05, 2008 / Comments (0) / by kumander / PERMALINK

The air is slightly colder, Christmas carols are heard on the radio. This signs are unmistakable. We have definitely entered Christmas season, and we Filipinos celebrates this time of the year more enthusiastically. Decorating the house before December with colorful parol (lantern), Christmas lights and Christmas trees, going to malls and bazzars to cover everyone on the Chrismas list.

As Christmas is fast approaching here are some of the the things I look forward to

the cold weather
people become friendlier and more jolly
the festive surroundings
the parties with the never ending food :)

And these are the things I expect when the "ber" months start

traffic, traffic and more traffic!
the days seems so short already
start gaining weight because of all the parties and family gatherings
constantly asking "where did my money go?"

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Dropping EC using Google Chrome

Wednesday, September 03, 2008 / Comments (1) / by kumander / PERMALINK

Yeterday google announced the launching of chrome from their blog. So today, I thought of checking it out for myself and decided to download it. After downloading, I start exploring its features and I noticed immediately its blinding speed on loading pages, so I thought of dropping EC using this new browser. Went on my inbox on my Entrecard account, click and opened 10 entrecards in tabs then guess what?

The sites I opened loads quickly. Usually when I do my daily drops, I always disable the "automatic load images" in Firefox, to make a page load faster. But with this Chrome, it efficiently load a pages even without having to disable images from the browser, which i dont know yet if this new browser have this kind of feature. Unlike firefox, this beta release does'nt yet support extensions, so no entrebar yet when using Chrome. I'm looking forward for the full version release of Chrome. By the way, the download is offered only for windows XP and VIsta owners for now.

If you want to try Chrome, you can download it at http://www.google.com/chrome

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