Ragnarok Online Mercenary System: Ragnarok Mercenary Guide

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The Mercenary is similar to homunculus, but unlike the homunculus, mercenary cannot be feed. Mercenary are useful for leveling, they can only be hired for 30 minutes then you'll need to summon another scroll.

How to have your own mercenary: You'll just have to buy mercenary scroll from any of the mercenary guilds in in Prontera, Payon or Izlude.

Types of mercenary:

Spearman Mercenary Guild
Archer Mercenary Guild
Mercenary Guild

Interface: (source:irowiki)

The following are keys used to control mercenaries.

Enemy Targeting - Alt + Left Click (on monster)
Left clicking once will cause the mercenary to queue up the monster. Left click again and the mercenary will immediately switch targets.

Moving - Alt + Left Click (on ground)
Alt and Left Clicking on the ground will cause the mercenary to stop everything and move to the target cell.

Standby - Ctrl + T
In standby the mercenary will stop everything and wait for orders at the master's side.

Information - Ctrl + R
Opens the mercenary status window.

You can also see complete list of Ragnarok Mercenary Skills at DoddleRo here, and some demo video on how mercenary works here.

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