24 Season 8 Episode 15-16: watch 24 Season 8 15-16 stream online

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24 season 8 episode 15-16 streaming online
it's going to be a special episode in 24 season 8 as it airs episode 15 – 16 this coming Monday, April 5, 2010. Yup, it's a double episode on a two hours straight of 24 season 8 episode 15 & 16. For sure is full of action and excitement.

Last week, President Taylor returned and assigned Jack to get President Hassan and his family to safety as the threat of a dirty bomb detonation intensified. Jack and Renee reinforced a security detail which is headed by Molly O’Connor. During the process, Rob Weiss and Gen. David Bruckner had a conspiracy to capture Hassan and Ethan Kanin informed Jack about this so he was able to retreat and counter-ambush. In the end it was found out that the bomb with detonate at around 6:14:39 so the race against time continues in 24 Season 8 Episode 15 & 16.

As dawn breaks over New York, President Taylor endures a game-changing setback as the threat of mass destruction looms. Meanwhile, President Hassan makes a shocking decision that surprises his loved ones. But before long, trusted confidantes will become enemies of the state, and it’s only the beginning of the betrayals that are to come as the race against time ticks over two pulse-pounding hours.

There's 10 more episodes left before the series ends so don’t ever miss this every week and watch 24 Season 8 Episodes 15 – 16 this Monday night. Jack will probably be given a happy ending in the season finale and he'll probably survive.

Watch 24 Season 8 Episodes 15 & 16 streaming online preview below and get a glimpse of what will happen next. Fox.com will be streaming 24 new episode. If you've missed it on tv screen, watch 24 Season 8 Episode 15 – 16 online on FOX.

Watch 24 Season 8 Episodes 15 & 16 streaming online preview

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