How to install pre-made Multiply Themes on your Multiply site

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First step is to select a basetheme from the original themes on the Multiply theme selection page. Go to SETTINGS located on the top right corner of the screen to select the base theme, then select My SITE (Another way is clicking the Customize My Site link located on the rail of your page under your headshot). A yellow "edit" box will appear at the very top of your page, Click the choose a theme link and choose the base theme of the pre-made multiply theme you are going to use (Every pre-made multiply themes is based on an original theme that can be found on the Multiply theme selection page). you may clink this link for a shortcut

After selecting a the base theme the second step is to copy the css code of the pre-made multiply theme that you're going to use. Repeat the First step and this time instead of the choose a theme link, Click the custom CSS link on the yellow "edit" box. Replace CSS with theme code that you've copied. preview the theme first before hitting save button. you may clink this link for a shortcut

Important NOTE from journal of journey: Back up any old theme codes first before installing new multiply themes(multiply layouts).

Source: Multiply themes / marviepons

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