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multiply themes tips tricks text-decoration

Replace the usual underline text decoration of links in your multiply themes

I used a small animated gif arrow image as my underline for the links when hover,. (size of image depends on you, just make it sure it is small and will look like a line when on repeat-x)

this is the image i used (the size is 10x5)..

you can do this on all links on your entire site or just a section of your site links only..

this code is for navbar links only

a.topt:hover, a:visited.topt:hover, a:link.topt:hover, a.toptsel:hover, a:visited.toptsel:hover, a:link.toptsel:hover { text-decoration:none; padding-bottom: 2px; background: url(image_url_here) repeat-x bottom ; }

this code is for entire links..

a:hover, a:visited:hover, a:link:hover { text-decoration:none; padding-bottom: 2px; background: url(image_url_here) repeat-x bottom; }

just choose a proper selector where you want to apply this..

you can adjust the padding to place it at the top(as overline), bottom(underline) or midlle(like strike-through)..

value of text-decoration must be none..

NOTE: if you use the second code.. all links will have that underline image ,. including photos
in album, thumbnails (if sets in thumbnails) and all headshot links.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
if you want the usual text decoration, here are some you can use,.

Value's of text decoration

text-decoration: underline; text-decoration: overline; text-decoration: linethrough; text-decoration: blink;
text-decoration: underline overline;

See my original article at..Multiply Themes and Layouts site.

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