Cold Case season 6 episode 13: Cold Case s06e13 (6.13)

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cold case season 6 episode 13, cold case
"Breaking News", that is the title of the upcoming episode of Cold Case season 6 (episode 13). In this episode, the team re-investigates the 1988 murder of a young TV reporter. Previously unseen news footage suggests she was on the verge of breaking a huge story about the unethical practices of a plastics company.

This Cold Case season 6 episode 13 (s06e13) titled "Breaking News" will air January 11. In the meantime here's the preview video of Cold Case season 6 episode 13 (s06e13) 6.13 "Breaking News".

Preview: Cold Case season 6 episode 13 (s06e13) 6.13 "Breaking News"

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janes @ January 12, 2009 at 10:38 PM

Me tooooooooo :) :) ....Terrific show !!!! Always exploring newest things and captivating mysteries.Cast is sensationly presented and reveals masterminds which definitely mad e a huge mass of people its junkie..Catch its all eps Coldcase Download here..

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