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Have you notice google new favicon?

I just noticed google new logo awhile ago. Google says in their official blog (Google Blog), this new google favicon was inspired by a logo submitted by André Resende, a computer science undergraduate at the University of Campinas in Brazil. The new google favicon is not exactly the same to the google favicon submitted by André Resende, Google slightly changed the color layout and moved the 'g' off center.

new google favicon, google new favicon, google new icon, new google icon, google new logogoogle favicon by André Resende

Below are the other google favicon designs with the same idea of colors that Google also like. This other google favicon's was submitted by Hadi Onur Demirsoy, Lucian E. Marin, and Yusuf Sevgen

by Hadi Onur Demirsoy

by Lucian E. Marin

by Yusuf Sevgen

I think this new google favicon is much better that the old google favicon.

Do you like the new google favicon?

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