Wii Sports: Super Mario dethroned by Wii Sports

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Super Mario dethroned as #1 game title by Wii Sports. According to VGChartz, lifetime sales of Super Mario Bros (NES) has now been surpassed by Wii Sports, to become the number one selling videogame of all time. Wii Sports has sold 40.52 million copies in 110 weeks, but it is expected to reach at least 50 million.

Wii Sports was bundled with Wii consoles in every country except Japan and South Korea, meaning.. if you buy Wii, you buy Wii sports. Super Mario bros so far with 40.24 million, were also sold bundled with most NES consoles between the years of 1985 to 1987 in the U.S., Japan and Europe with an install base of 61.91 million NES units.

Third is Pokémon Red / Green / Blue, GameBoy with sales of 31.38.

Wii Sports Resort is the new game version and is scheduled for release later this year.

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